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Jessica Patricia Kichoncho Karuhanga

"We tend to view our own bodies as flawed and perceive those around us as body confident, wishing we could achieve others perceived levels of perfection. These portraits aim to deconstruct this problematic binary in order to encourage the practice and process of self-love.Our existence and our survival are political statements, in and of themselves. Systems have been created to ensure that the marginalized, in any culture continue to be the most unwanted, undesired, unclaimed and sadly, unprotected. Who are we? Beneath the heartbreaking sameness of our disguises - These portraits will act to remind the viewer that by confronting all of the fears that we have about our bodies, enables us to embrace everything that we are, as individuals and as a community. Fearlessness involves having the courage to be vulnerable, not just when alone and privately to ourselves but exploring what makes us vulnerable as a collective process we can all take part in. We all experience varying levels of alienation, erasure and self-erasure due to complex systems of oppression, set in place particularly to be critical of the black body. Learning to unfold before the camera celebrates and confronts every aspect of the body shares the vulnerable parts of our souls and motivates the viewer to begin the process of learning to love and see the beauty in their own insecurities."

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